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Gerald delet "JErry"

He has played at such clubs and venues as Birdland, The Red Blazer and Lola's and for the last 20 years has made Mimi'S  his home.

Come hear Jerry at Mimi'S  every

Tuesday & Thursday starting at 6:30pm

Gerald Delet was the career manager of famous artists like Kool and the Gang, The Manhattans and Phoebe Snow. He has been the business manager of Al Pacino, Alan Alda, Michael Kamen and John Waite and was involved with producer Martin Bregman in the business and financial aspects of films like Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico and Scarface. He has now turned to the other side of the entertainment world by performing professionally at the piano. 

Born in New York but raised in the suburban sprawl of Columbus, Ohio, Aaron Glenn has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and performing professionally since he was 15. Inspired by the fiery piano riffs of Billy Joel and Elton John, the poetic lyrics of Bob Dylan, and the emotive melodies of Barry Manilow, Aaron has concocted a unique smorgasbord of piano performance sure to satisfy listeners of any stripe.

You can hear Aaron at
Mimi'S  on Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 8pm.


And check out his album: Same Old Crazy Life, on iTunes and Spotify.


Aaron Glenn


chicken delicious



To the many friends and fans of the wonderfully talented Hunter Stowers a.k.a. Chicken Delicious:

It is with a heavy heart that we are sharing with you that he has gone on to his next fabulous journey. Hunter has left an indelible imprint on the hearts of so many by sharing his wisdom and exquisite piano playing talent. A gifted teacher, fine artist and virtuoso musician, Hunter was a true original, unmatched in his quick-witted humor and outrageousness. His radiant spirit will leave huge voids in the hearts of many, that he would want us to fill with joy, thank you’s and the good memories we have of him that we all treasure.


Chicken is now flying with the angels and his music is filling the great halls of Heaven above.

Share your stories, pictures and video's of Chicken on his Facebook page:

For Chicken Delicious' article in the NY Times, click here

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